ISWA Wasted Health Report

The session will outline the health impacts caused by inappropriate waste management practices, giving special emphasis to the important health impacts posed by dumpsites. The recent ISWA report “Wasted Health, the tragic case of dumpsites” will be presented and discussed. The report outlines that uncontrolled dumpsites are a global health emergency as they create serious health risks. The report presents the different health impacts that are posed by dumping different waste streams. The report also highlights the health and occupational risks for workers and informal recyclers, the costs involved and the need to develop global and local action plans to close the dumpsites and develop sustainable waste management and recycling systems. 

Plantijn Room 1.24

Introduction of the report by David Newman, president of ISWA

Presentation of the report by Antonis Mavropoulos

Timothy Bouldry, dumpsite photographer, speaks from his experiences

Panel debate with the audience

Chaired by Derek Greedy

ATTEND the ISWA World Congress 2015

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