Timothy Bouldry
Dumpsite photographer

Wednesday 9 Sep

09.30 - 12.00

United States


Timothy Bouldry has been photographing and reporting about unregulated waste sites from the informal recyclers perspective for 8 years. He has explored this topic in Haiti, Venezuela, India, Bangladesh, Colombia and most notably Nicaragua. His photography and storytelling has received the attention of The Environmental Protection Agency, CNN, activists to present cases to governments, galleries and fundraisers. He is currently living in Nicaragua where he has become a medium to help and direct NGO’s towards information and communities in need of assistance in this topic. His current project is a photography series that visits as many landfills in Nicaragua as possible and exhibits them in the capital city of Managua. It also acts to present a case about the health risks, environmental factors and economical injustices informal recyclers endure with their hard work and harsh living conditions. Bouldry sees the work that informal recyclers do as a free public service that should be recognized and worked to improve it’s circularity; a concept that applies to communities working in these unregulated waste sites all over the world. 

See his work at: www.timothybouldry.com

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