Mike Hart
Gasification technology developed for the production of renewable hydrogen

Monday 7 Sep

16.30 - 16.50

The United States
Sierra Energy

Successful entrepreneur and visionary, Mike Hart, is an articulate and engaging speaker who’s been invited to speak at the White House, the Pentagon, Industry and Greentech Conferences, to name a few. Mr. Hart is the President and CEO of Sierra Energy, a waste gasification and renewable energy company he founded in 2004. Mr. Hart also serves as the CEO of the Sierra Railroad Company, providing passenger and freight rail service, heavy construction, and industrial logistics.


Prior to acquiring Sierra Railroad, Mr. Hart acted as a management consultant with clients such as FMC, NASA (Mars Mission), TRW, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, GM, and worked with Steve Jobs on a DOD project at NeXT. Mr. Hart has also created a variety of software tools for the predictive analysis of future weapon systems for the Department of Defense. Mr. Hart is a graduate of U.C. Davis, where he frequently lectures.

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