Masterclass Waste-to-Energy
Waste-to-energy as a component of integrated sustainable waste management

After an introduction on waste, this masterclass focusses on technological and economic aspects of waste-to-energy, and the role of waste-to-energy as integral part of sustainable waste management. Participants may expect state-of-the art information in a vivid session presented by experts from leading industry and academia. Main topics include waste characterization, thermal conversion processes, energy recovery, bottom ash recycling, flue gas cleaning and residue treatment.

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Training session

Plantijn Room 1.23

This masterclass is of interest for delegates of countries in any stage of waste management development such as policy makers, waste management and engineering consultants, project developers and lenders, researchers, trainees, etc.

Technical knowledge is not strictly required.

Content elements of this training

  • Introduction on waste/zero waste/waste hierarchy and paradox
  • Composition and characteristics of waste, types, spread (worldwide), difference with fuel
  • Techniques
  • Gasification vs incineration
  • Grate incinerator, fluidized bed incinerator and rotary kiln: treatment diagrams, costing, gate fee
  • Energy recovery, efficiency, steam applications
  • Flue gas treatment: techniques, emission data, dioxines
  • Residue recovery: volumes per tonne incinerated: bottom ash, fly ash, flue gas treatment residues, …
  • Which technology to opt for in function of location, availability of raw materials, environmental impact, subsidies, budget etc.

Delegates will be able to attend one of the technical tours to the waste-to-energy site of ISVAG on Tuesday or Wednesday (registration is necessary!).

The workshop registration fee is included in the congress fee and includes participation in the workshop and documentation.

Masterclass speakers: Carlo VandecasteeleJohan de Greef, Nick Alderweireldt, Jo Van Caneghem

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