Maarten Siebel

Tuesday 8 Sep

09.30 - 12.00

The Netherlands
Institute for water education and research

Maarten Siebel is a graduate from Delft University of Technology (MSc) as well as from Montana State University (PhD in Bio-process Technology). After some years in the consulting world with projects in both Europe and the developing world, he moved to Education, first with the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia, thereafter with UNESCO-IHE, Institute for water education and research.

Initially work in the field of Bio-process Technology was continued with research on the biodegrading of xenobiotic compounds such as the herbicide Atrazine. Later his interest expanded to focus on the prevention and reduction of the generation of waste. In that context he worked on various projects aiming at the cleaning of industrial processes such as the leather, the textile and the brewing industry. For the last 10 years or so the interest in waste management and reduction has expanded to include research in municipal and solid waste management with MSc & PhD students and the development of both inhouse and online courses such as in Industrial Resource Management and Cleaner Production, Solid Waste Management and Hazardous Waste Management, drawing in total some 80 participants annually. 

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