Luís Marinheiro
Chair of the ISWA’s Working Group on Landfills

Monday 7 Sep

09.30 - 12.00

Chair of the ISWA’s Working Group on Landfills

Luís Marinheiro is an environmental engineer and has worked in both the public and private sectors of the waste management for well over 15 years. At the beginning he benefited from working in a small company marketing international equipment for landfill leachate treatment and landfill gas treatment. This gave him the opportunity to be involved with the day to day activities of landfill operation. This practical experience together with his academic background and his wastewater industry knowledge gave him the skills and knowledge which is necessary to become a waste treatment and landfill project manager in one of Portugal’s largest waste management companies. In that role he had operational responsibilities in some urban services design (collection, transportation and transfer of solid waste) and in waste treatment and landfill projects, as well as providing technical input to applications for master planning, environmental assessment and site permits. Working as a consultant, advisor, coordinator and technical director, Luís was also manager and coordinator of several projects and contracts to provide services in various environmental areas such as waste management, drainage and wastewater treatment, sustainable construction, environmental impact assessment and environmental management.

Luís Marinheiro holds an Environmental Engineering Degree (University of Aveiro, Portugal, 1996) and a Biological Engineering Master Science (University of Minho, Portugal, 1999).

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