Hazardous waste - cases from around the world
selected cases from the Hazardous Waste Management Course by UNESCO-IHE, ISWA and UNIDO

Results from the HWM training course implemented by ISWA, UNESCO-IHE, TU-BERLIN and UNIDO.

In the slipstream of the ISWA Global Congress 2015 a Hazardous Waste Management short course is organized, attended by 26 participants mostly from Low and Middle Income Countries.

Training session

Plantijn Room 1.21

The issue of Hazardous Waste is, in most of the above referred to countries, hampered by 1) lack of awareness, 2) lack of knowledge, 3) lack of financial resources and 4) lack of appropriate legislation/law enforcement. As such HWM is way below the priority concerns of many countries, coming after issues such as food supply, health care, clean water and sanitation. This special context has been taken into account in the design of the HWM training course in that all participants bring to the course a national HWM case description.

A selection of these case descriptions, onto which the knowledge and experience, acquired in the course, is projected, forms the basis for the ISWA session: HWM from around the World - Selected cases from the Hazardous Waste Management Course. In this session, 5 cases will be presented together with selected standard solution approaches. The respective presentations will also showcase how some of the standard ways of dealing with the HW issue need to be modified in order to fit local conditions. An interactive discussion with the audience is an important part of this session.

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