Emerging economies

Globally, production and consumption require an increasing extraction of natural resources. This growing demand for natural resources leads to scarcity and higher price volatility which threatens the emerging economies in their young growth. At the same time these economies are confronted with more waste due to increased local consumption and production often without having the necessary infrastructure and/or policy to collect, re-use, re-manufacture and/or recycle waste. The combination of both clearly offers some challenges and opportunities in relation to waste management.

Therefore, the following questions will be discussed during the emerging economies session:

  • Do the emerging economies recognize both the challenges and opportunities their growth is offering?;
  • Are growing economies adapting their policy and regulation to answer these challenges and opportunities? What are the main barriers?;
  • Do the emerging economies recognize the value of the waste, not only from a monetary point of view but also as resource input for their economy, new chance for employment, etc.?;
  • Which policy choices, measures and/or tools offer the best pragmatic solution for emerging countries to overcome waste and resource challenges?

Keynote session

Fortis - Forum

Waste management & entrepreneurship in Africa - Antonis Mavropoulos

Extended Producer Responsibility as an effective and efficient policy instrument in emerging countries - Pieterjan Eeman

Challenges of Implementing Waste-to-Energy in Emerging Markets - Stephanie J. Miller

Material retrieval rates in an unregulated environment: the case of Trinidad and Tobago - Vincent Cooper

Key performance indicators of the informal recycling sector - Roland Ramusch

Waste to wealth: Can improving solid waste management in emerging countries reduce poverty, create employment opportunities and address development goals? - Lios McGilchrist

Session chaired by Kurt Wellens

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