Dixie Dansercoer
Polar explorer, author, business leader, public speaker, photographer, and … astronaut??

Tuesday 8 Sep

10.30 - 11.00


Polar Circles
Executive director & polar explorer

Dixie Dansercoer admits that while he has explored nearly every hidden corner of our planet, he secretly dreams of one day visiting Mars.  It would surprise no one who has ever met him if he didn’t do just that.

For now, Dixie is content to concentrate on the preservation his own planet and the people who inhabit it.  In his early twenties, Dixie deepened his respect for our oceans during an extended stay in Hawaii.  In the decades which followed, he was privileged to temporarily reside in both the Arctic and the Antarctic during his myriad expeditions.

While enduring repeated harsh & intense experiences in our polar regions, Dixie embodied an infinite esteem for our planet and pledged to return to civilization as a polar ambassador.  He has done that with gusto – from his formal engagement as UNICEF Belgium’s Goodwill Ambassador since 2002 and as the 2013 ambassador for the WWF/Coca-Cola Arctic Home Campaign.  His participation in less-publicized but equally passionate grass-roots campaigns in Europe and North America have also enabled him to spread his protective yet realistic environmental message.

More importantly, in 1998 Dixie became aware of his untapped human potential during his South Through the Pole Expedition, his record-breaking Antarctic traverse completed with fellow Belgian Alain Hubert.  He realized that most humans must be to a degree unaware of their own precious dormant energy.  It was a tipping point for him – a culmination of years spent following heroes who accomplished grand goals.

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