David Newman
President of ISWA

Monday 7 Sep

13.30 - 15.00



Mr David Robert Newman has been the President of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) since September 2012. ISWA promotes sustainable waste management worldwide and is present in 40 countries, with members in a total of 80. ISWA collaborates with governments and international organisations to develop waste management practices that improve the environment and provides training and information. Since 2011, he is also the General Secretary of Assobioplastiche (Italian Association of Bioplastics), which aims to promote the use of sustainable, compostable packaging in Italy. The Association is composed of producers of compostable resins, companies producing films and packaging, universities and public authorities, and associations and companies within the waste stream (such as composting plants). He is also the Managing Director of CIC, a small team of professionals working to develop organic waste recovery in Italy through political and commercial promotion, such as managing the certification of compost products and compostable packaging destined for composting (bioplastics). David’s extensive professional experience in the past included being the Managing Director at ATIA-ISWA ITALIA and Managing Director at Greenpeace Italy, among others.

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