Dr. Costas Velis
Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems - Session Chairman

Tuesday 8 Sep

09.30 - 12.00

United Kingdom
University of Leeds
Resource Efficiency Systems

UNEP-ISWA Global Waste Management Outlook: Co-author 
ISWA Resource Management Task Force: Member 
Waste Management & Research: Associate Editor

Vision and expertise

Dr Costas Velis, Vice Chair of the ISWA European Group, is an internationally renowned expert in waste and resources management, with a vision of a sustainable circular economy of clean material flows. With leading expertise in global waste systems, he serves in international committees addressing relevant challenges of worldwide scale, including the UNEP Global Waste Management Outlook, the ISWA Globalisation and Waste Management Task Force, and the Waste Atlas Partnership.

An academic, as a Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems at School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, he leads a research team and directs a waste characterisation laboratory. Costas has over 10 years of work and research experience in innovation for resources management (Chartered Waste Manager by CIWM) and he offers to his profession as Associate Editor of the academic journals Waste Management & Research, and Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology.


Costas is honoured with many international awards for his research papers, including the prestigious Institution of Civil Engineers Terford Premium Award, part of the 2014 ICE Publishing Awards, for producing one of the best papers in the 27 peer-reviewed journals of ICE in 2013. In the ISWA Antwerp World Congress he will be privileged to receive two new prestigious awards for research on indicators for cites waste management evaluation.

Academic background

Dr Costas Velis holds a BSc in Physics with specialisation in Environmental Physics from University of Athens (Greece), an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development from Imperial College London (UK), and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Cranfield University, Centre for Energy and Resource Technology.

Core research areas

Global waste and resource management • Solid recovered fuels quality assurance and characterisation • Marine litter • Informal sector recycling • Resource recovery systems evaluation • Plastics resource recovery • Cites and waste

c.velis@leeds.ac.uk  • ResearchGate  • LinkedIn

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