Construction and demolition waste prevention
Workshop - in cooperation with Renee Gratton

Changing the way development industry sectors view and manage their resources and waste is a complex and challenging task. But using collaborative and integrative processes fosters and advances the wide and deep knowledge that is essential to engage on complex issues and find pragmatic solutions.    




Explain the advantages of integrative processes in waste prevention;
Provide fundamental information on ‘lean’ to maximize customer/client value, while minimizing waste through the life cycle of construction, renovation or demolition projects.
Engagement into Mission 2030 and Sustainable Resource Management.


Brief Presentations on

  • Integration and Lean for a Resource-Based Economy;
  • Industrial Symbiosis/Industrial Ecology;
  • Partnerships and Planning to Maximize Synergies While Minimizing Trade-offs, Risks and Costs.

Breakout Groups – Facilitated open discussions to answer specific questions regarding philosophies to foster and advance the following: 

Mission 2030 – Engagement
Tools and Indicators – Co Creation
Integrative Learning - Enablement

Group Discussion Review and Comments

Next Steps: Empowering Resourcefulness 

2030 Declaration
Integration Protocol

Workshop Leaders

Renée Gratton, LEED AP, Founder; President CEO, CRIC; President, RG Integration & Associates, Canada                             
Teno West, Attorney; Chairman, CRIC; Partner, Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux & West LLC, United States                                          
Peter Laybourn, Director CRIC; Founder CEO, Industrial Synergies, United Kingdom  

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