Sustainable waste management and impacts on climate change
the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

This session will discuss the importance of sustainable waste management practices, and how these can achieve significant climate, economic and health benefits for communities.  It will also showcase a key forum for supporting city actions - the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s (CCAC) Municipal Solid Waste Initiative (MSWI).

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Objectives of the session:

Explore how enhanced MSW management achieve important development and political priorities, and also achieves significant additional benefits, namely climate, health and economic
Provide overview of CCAC MSWI initiative as the premier international forum for MSW/Climate action
Describe tools and resources available to partner cities via the initiative
Discussion by city partner representatives of the role initiative has played in supporting waste management objectives
Describe linkage between initiative efforts and achieving development, climate and air quality priorities
Recruitment of new partner cities, mentor cities, implementers, and practitioners/experts
Overview of process for adhering to the Initiative

Target Audience:

City representatives and interested waste management professionals from developed and developing countries seeking a network and tools that support solid waste management decision making as well as climate and air quality objectives. Experts and organizations that can help support cities and national governments development and implement climate-friendly waste management practices.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Overview of MSW practices that achieve climate benefits and the CCAC MSWI – Speaker: Gary Crawford (ISWA Board Member, Vice President - International Affairs, Veolia)

An overview will be provided of practices relevant for developed and developing cities that effectively manage MSW and reduce methane and black carbon. The speaker will describe the history and key components of the CCAC and in particular the MSWI and how it is supporting cities around the world to take ambitious actions.  Speaker will also mention about the climate declaration.

  • Overview of MSWI Tools – Speaker: Amrita Sinha (C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group)

Speaker will provide overview of tools available to participating cities.  Including: Knowledge Platform, City assessment tool, SLCP baseline tool, webinars, seminars, etc.  Notes that additional tools – Decision-making Tool and e-modules on organics and landfill management – will be released close to the Congress dates (in September).

  • City case studies

The Speaker will discuss the process of developing an SLCP mitigation focused workplan, the assistance provided by MSWI and the specifics of implementation as well as challenges. CCAC’s specific support for the cities will be introduced and a summary provide on related on-going and forthcoming activities and foreseen achievements.

Case Study 1: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Speaker: Mr. Membe Masasi, Head of Waste Department & Mr Wilson Mukama, City Director of Dar es Salaam

Case study 2: Cebu City, Philippines – Speaker: Ms Nida Cabrera, Councilor of Cebu City

Case study 3: Sao Paulo – Speaker: Mr. Simao Pedro, CIty of Sao Paulo

  • Overview of City Partnership and Q&A – Speaker: CCAC Secretariat

The session will focus on providing a description of the benefits of becoming a city partner within the MSWI, and will describe the process for confirming partnership status. All attending and interested cities will be called to action.

  • Interactive Facilitated discussion – Speakers and Facilitator: TBC (ISWA Scientific and Technical Committee Members, CCAC City Representatives, etc.)

Specific topics will be addressed, related to SLCP mitigation in cities in developing country context.After a short presentation that presents about the challenge an interactive discussion will follow, looking at the opportunities and solutions specific to this topic.

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